Overcoming the psychological challenges post-ACL injury today!

Discover a pathway through your physical and psychological recovery from your ACL injury that sets you on the best path to move past your ACL injury, return to a new, normal life and uncover a mindset that will help you transform!

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Overcoming the psychological challenges post-ACL injury today! 

Author Keagen Hadley shares the trauma he dealt with recovering from not just one, but two ACL injuries he sustained from Football, as well as the shocking discovery of just how little psychological support lay in the hands of professionals as he was recovering.

Learn how you can use the same mindfulness, mindset and mental training to make a recovery in mind, not just body, after your injury - not only making a total recovery in yourself, but in becoming a better person, more able to deal with all forms of trauma throughout your life!


 “You can take anything, even something seemingly catastrophic and use it to pivot into something you love.”

Keagen Hadley



How to use a value system to determine which thoughts are true or helpful!

How to discard harmful thoughts that you think are true, and only focus on those pertinent to providing value and aiding your recovery.

How to use mindfulness to deal with, rather than avoid negative emotions and thoughts!


Ready to make a wholesale recovery?

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about the author

Hi, I’m Keagen Hadley

Keagen Hadley is an occupational therapy doctor specializing in using psychological treatments such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) with his patients.

As a patient and therapist, he has a deep understanding of the interventions and knows how emotional stress can interfere with rehabilitation, daily activities, and overall quality of life. As an athlete, he tore both ACLs playing college and semi-professional football. This experience made him acutely aware of the struggles associated psychologically post-ACL injury and how to overcome them with positive results.

In “Torn”, I hope to provide you with the unique guidance to move past your injury in a realistic way, dealing with both the physical and mental trauma in the best way possible.



WHAT OUR readers SAY

His honest recollection of his emotional state and social withdrawal after his injury helped me feel less alone in my struggle and to mentally prepare for the challenges ahead. Perhaps more importantly, he explains Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in a way that is helpful for those of us who are wholly unfamiliar with the concept. He divided this information into manageable bites by weaving in motivational quotes and relevant accounts of his own past.

Danielle G.

Keagen Hadley's book is a fantastic resource both for individuals who have torn their ACL and those who have not. I have not experienced an ACL tear, yet I still found this book incredibly helpful to read. Keagen opened my eyes to the world of mindfulness and mental health. Also, you can tell how much the author genuinely wants to help his readers. He is incredibly real and open with his own experiences, and anyone who reads this book will feel connected to him. Absolutely amazing work!

Allison E.

I found this book to be so thoroughly researched and explained. The author does the deep dive for you! Very well done. I have two student athletes and found myself highlighted so much to share with them that I think they may just need their own copies. Whether you have sustained a devastating injury or not, this book can actually help you cope with any major setback. I found so much value that I can apply to my own health life. Great resource.


Keagen's story resonated with me as a parent of a son who has had two acl tears from football. With all the doctor and PT appointments the negative emotional impact was not often addressed. It is so important to address the mental healing as much as the physical though! This injury can be so traumatic but with the right tools, hope and healing is possible. Keagan discusses ACT in great detail and how it can help any athlete on the road to mental recovery.


Excellent book! Very insightful as to the emotional struggle that comes with an ACL tear or other significant injury. As Keagan was talking about when his injuries occurred, my heart was breaking for him. Keagan’s explanation of ACT and how it can be beneficial for those recovering from a devastating injury was very beneficial and insightful. Highly recommend this read!


I really enjoyed Keagan's book Thrive. I was expecting a rather dry, medical type of book, but Keagans story is actually really moving. The way he is both a high level athlete and a doctor of occupational therapy makes his message resonate much more than if he was only one or the author. Add to that he is a great writer, makes this a great book and I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend!!!

Lawrence D.

I really enjoyed this book. Dr. Hadley describes his very real and raw journey through ACL surgeries, having to let go of life's sports dreams and his struggles which took him to rock bottom. The good news is he was able to get out of this dark hole using ACT principles (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). In the book, he scribes the 6 major principles of ACT and how they applied to his journey.


Honest biography that is relatable to athletes or any one moving past a major injury that may be holding them back.


The author understands every emotion of a injury as an athlete and can truthfully express them to help others.


Keagen's book is full of raw honesty that anyone with an injury can relate to and know they are not alone as they feel.


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